The technical potential of the company includes:

  • turning of such elements as a shaft - work-piece length of up to 18000 mm, diameter of up to 2000 mm, weight of up to 40000 kg 
  • grinding of such parts as a shaft - work-piece length of up to 12000 mm, outside diameter of up to 1400 mm, weight of up to 35000 kg 
  • turning on vertical lathes - work-pieces with a diameter of up to 3500 mm and a height of up to 2500 mm, weight of up to 20000 kg 
  • mechanical working of welded structures, castings with differentiated overall dimensions and a weight of up to 50000 kg. 

As a flexible company, meeting our clients' expectations half-way, we can very efficiently satisfy their requirements in machining of machine elements, welded constructions, large-size turned elements as well as in working of various castings according to our clients' orders.

Having close contacts with other companies, in co-operation we are able to make welded structures, castings, forgings and others.