In order to ensure the high quality of services provided, in machining processes we use a LEICA ABSOLUTE TRACKER AT 402 portable coordinate measuring machine.

Before they are installed on machines, welded and cast structures provided to us by customers for machining undergo initial measurements with the use of the portable measuring machine. The purpose of this is early identification of any defects in the welded or cast structure.

LEICA ABSOLUT TRACKER AT 402 is also used in the process of setting and basing of large-scale work pieces on the machine.

After machining, large-scale work pieces are measured with the LEICA ABSOLUT TRACKERAT 402 measuring machine as well as other state-of-the-art measurement devices.

We also provide external services of measuring large-scale work pieces with the use of the LEICA AT 402 measuring machine, according to the needs of our customers, regardless of location and intended purpose. These can be final or inter-process measurements, both for the purposes of inspecting, setting or facilitating the installation of devices.